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The Covid-19 outbreak has driven many of us to think more about putting our affairs in order.
Making a Will is one of the most important steps for long term planning.

How to make a will online with Wills.Services

1. To get started, register with Wills.Services to create your own personal account for free.

2. When you apply to begin writing your will online, you will need to complete the information requested, and there will be useful tips and explanations along the way to help you.

3. After filling in all the necessary details correctly, you can securely submit your online will. Our expert advisors will then check it to make sure it is legally binding and doesn’t have any legal errors. We do not charge extra for this additional review service; it is included in our costs for both single wills (£29.99) and mirror wills (£49.99).

4. If our advisors require further information from you due to a more complex will, we will get in touch with you via our support system or email to ensure we have all of your will requests detailed.

5. Once everything in your will has been approved, we will send you your will via post to sign it alongside two witnesses. We’ll include instructions on how to do this with your will pack.

If you ever need to update your will due to changes in your life, you can do so by logging into your account with Wills.Services.

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You never know what’s around the corner in life, which is why having plans in place to secure your estate and protect your family against financial instability during probate is a must. 

With an accurate and up-to-date will from Wills Services, you can be sure that your estate – including your properties, businesses, and all other assets – is inherited by the right people during probate and is in line with your final wishes when you are no longer around. 

If there isn’t a Will in place before you pass away (dying in 'intestate'), you can’t get a Grant of Probate. You can still administer the estate and distribute inheritance but it can make for a complicated and expensive process. Without a will deciding how to pass on the assets, inheritance is shared according to the rules of intestacy. This means that only spouses, civil partners, children, and other close relatives are able to inherit.

Experienced and efficient‎‎ online will writing, probate and LPA services

Our services, tailored to suit each individual and family circumstance, will help provide you with invaluable peace of mind in knowing that your estate and your family will be protected in the event of your death. We can help you:

 We always strive to deliver our bespoke probate services in the most professional and hassle-free way possible, and you can guarantee that your best interests will remain our sole priority throughout the whole process. 

To start writing your will today, simply click the button below, complete our simple steps to detail your information and we’ll be in touch at a time that’s convenient for you.


* A basic will may not be suitable for you, once you have completed the questionnaire we will assess your case and if your circumstances require a more complex will, we shall set out the reasons why and the costs clearly for you to decide. All prices are exclusive of VAT and for a limited time offer, normal price £39.99 +VAT (single) and £59.99 +VAT (mirror).

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