Grandparent wills

Leaving to children or grandchildren?

Making a will is the best way to legally protect your assets, arrange your funeral wishes, and ensure that your estate (money, property, possessions, etc.) is inherited by the right people in your family when you pass away.  

However, if you have set up a will without the right advice, there are some issues that could arise.  

While you may assume that leaving everything to your children will result in it being inherited by your grandchildren and their children later down the line, this is not always the case.  

It’s therefore important that you receive tailored advice from professional specialists like those here at Wills.Services, as we can ensure that your will covers all relevant eventualities and protects both your assets and your loved ones.  


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As grandparents or a grandparent, one way of making sure that your assets stay in the hands of your children and grandchildren is to write a grandparent will.  

But what exactly are grandparent wills and are they a good idea? Here, we explain all you need to know to help you determine whether or not they may suit your personal circumstances and your last wishes. 

What are grandparent wills? 

When you make a will and leave everything to your children, there is a risk that your grandchildren may end up with none of it, as they will typically only receive the inheritance if their mother or father passes away before them.  

Another risk to be aware of is third-parties; people that are outside of your blood family and who may be able to access a share of your money or property against your wishes, such as ex in-laws. 

This is where grandparent wills can be a useful way of preventing your estate from falling into the wrong hands.  

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Your grandparent will, similarly to a bloodline will, is set up with your estate placed in a trust fund so that only your children, grandchildren, their children and so on, will be able to access the funds or assets within it.  

Without a trust or grandparent will, your assets (such as your money or property) could end up in the hands of many third-parties, including:  

  • Ex sons-in-law or daughters-in-law 
  • Future step-parents to grandchildren  
  • Your children’s creditors or court orders 
  • Someone else’s grandchildren 
  • Local Authorities or HM Revenue & Customs   

Or worse, if you die without a will in the UK (or at least a legally- valid one), your estate could be distributed in line with the rules of intestacy.  

This means that your personal wishes will not be considered at all, and your assets will be shared out in accordance with the UK’s pre-determined set of rules (known as intestacy rules), so your entire estate could end up in the hands of the wrong people.  

What are bloodline wills or trusts? 

A bloodline trust is a specific type of trust that makes sure that the assets listed within it are kept within your blood-family and will be distributed to the people who you wish to receive some inheritance.  

Similarly to grandparent wills, a bloodline will protects your children and grandchildren’s inheritance against any third-parties, and guarantees that your estate will stay with your blood-relatives. 

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Are grandparent wills a good idea? 

By writing a grandparent will with a professional online will- writing service, you are protecting your children and grandchildren’s inheritance against any potential third-parties, ensuring that they receive every piece of the estate that you wanted them to have. 

Grandparent wills – and all types of legal wills set up by Wills.Services, in fact – provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your estate is secure and protected, and will be inherited by the right people when you are no longer here. 

Without a legally- valid will, your children and grandchildren will be left in an uncertain situation when you pass away, which could lead to unnecessary distress at a time when they should be grieving in peace.  

Rather than writing a DIY will yourself by using a template that you found online and risking it being legally invalid, you should always seek professional help to avoid legally invalidating your will and guarantee that all bases are covered.  

What are the benefits of making a will? 

The benefits of writing a will are vast and include the following:  

  • Provide financial security for your family 
  • Provide yourself with peace of mind 
  • Ensure that your estate is inherited by the right people 
  • Protect your assets from third-parties 
  • Outline specific wishes for your funeral 
  • Appoint guardians for your children 
  • Avoid inheritance tax by placing your assets in trust  


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Write a legal will online with Wills.Services 

Here at Wills.Services, we pride ourselves on offering professional legal advice and an efficient, professional and affordable will-writing service, where you can guarantee that all legal bases will be covered.  

Simply register with Wills.Services for free and create your free account, and then begin the process by completing our form with all the relevant information we need – don’t worry, it’s straightforward and there are useful tips and explanations along the way to help you complete it correctly. You can also save it as you go along, so there’s no pressure to finish it all in one go. 

Once you’ve finished it, you can then submit your details online, without any lengthy phone calls or meetings, and our expert advisors will check it over to make sure that it is legally- valid.  

When your will has been approved by us and everything is in place, we will send you your will via post for you and two other witnesses to sign (this makes it legally valid).  

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and secure your estate today by creating a will with Wills.Services: 


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For further information and legal advice regarding protecting your future and family, as well as preparing for death, be sure to read our related guides online.

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