Why use our professional LPA service?

Do you want to set up a lasting power of attorney (LPA) to protect your future self if you're ever unable to make your own important decisions one day? Then your best option is to use a reliable and professional LPA provider.

At Wills.Services, we provide a professional lasting power of attorney service, where you can create your LPA with minimal hassle and at an affordable price.  

There are many LPA providers in the UK, so why should you use our service? This guide introduces you to what exactly a lasting power of attorney means and also explains the benefits of making a legal LPA with us here at Wills.Services.   

What is a lasting power of attorney? 

The power of attorney is a legal right that allows an individual to handle someone else’s affairs, make decisions and act on their behalf regarding their finances and/or wellbeing in the event that you lose the mental ability to carry out every-day tasks.  

As per UK law, a lasting power of attorney is a separate legal document that grants this authority, allowing your nominated attorneys to make decisions for you (the ‘donor’) if you ever lack the mental capacity to do so yourself.  

Attorneys are legally obliged to act in the best interests of the donor and must adhere to the conditions set out within the LPA.  

Setting up a lasting power of attorney gives you peace of mind in knowing that you will retain a good quality of life, as your chosen attorneys will prioritise your wellbeing. 

There are two main types of lasting power of attorney in the UK:  

  • Health and Welfare LPA 
  • Property and Financial Affairs LPA 

The Health and Welfare lasting power of attorney grants your attorney(s) the right to make decisions regarding your every-day life, including things from your healthcare to the clothes you wear and the food you eat.  

The Property and Financial Affairs lasting power of attorney, on the other hand, gives attorney(s) the authority to handle your financial dealings, including any pensions, savings, properties, bills and tax obligations you may have.  

Attorneys must initially attempt to help you make decisions for yourself, but they also have the power to make them for you if you are unable to do so.  

Due to the complex responsibilities involved with being an attorney, you should think very carefully about who you choose and seek professional consultation before approaching anyone.  


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Do I need a solicitor? You should always use a professional lasting power of attorney service

While you may have a will to protect your assets when you pass away, you also need to set up a lasting power of attorney in order to ensure that your finances (and your own wellbeing) will be managed in your best interests if ever you lack the mental capacity to do so yourself. 

Many people, unfortunately, delay the process of getting an LPA or ignore the importance of it, but you’ll certainly be thankful that you set one up while you were still of sound mind, if the time should ever come for you to need it. 

You can create a lasting power of attorney quickly and easily with Wills.Services; you simply start by filling out our online form and the process can be handled from the comfort of your own home.  

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Make Your Lasting Power of Attorney From Only £193.60

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The benefits of setting up an LPA  

There are many advantages to getting an LPA, including the following:  

  • Retain control of your financial and every-day affairs: Your attorney will act in a way that represents your best interests. You can provide guidance within the LPA documents on how you’d like your dealings to be managed.  
  • Maintain quality of life: Decisions that impact your quality of life are made with your wellbeing as the key priority.  
  • Save money: Setting up an LPA with us is considerably cheaper than doing so through solicitors, so be sure to visit our price guide for more information and a direct comparison against the likes of Which? and Co-op Legal Services, who offer exactly the same service. 
  • Efficiency: Your LPA can be used as soon as it is registered with the OPG, without delay, unlike the more time-consuming process of someone needing to becoming a ‘deputy’ for you if there’s no LPA. 
  • Peace of mind: While you’re still of sound mind, you can rest easy knowing that your affairs will be handled in a way that puts your wellbeing first as you age or if you become ill one day.  

You can try to make a lasting power of attorney yourself by using a DIY LPA form, but we strongly advise against doing so due to the large number of things that could potentially go wrong if an LPA isn’t done professionally. 

Advantages of making a lasting power of attorney with Wills.Services include:  

  • We value our customers and provide a bespoke, personal service to each individual. 
  • You can set up your LPA online from the comfort of your home. 
  • Our advisors can give you advice and information on the different types of LPAs available, their benefits, and whether or not they’re right for you. 
  • We can support you in making a decision on who should be your attorney(s) to act on your behalf. 
  • We will handle the whole process of preparing the LPA documentation. 
  • Our team will deal with all correspondence with the Office of the Public Guardian (which your LPA must be registered with), including any challenges. 
  • While we work efficiently, we retain a high level of professionalism and accuracy. 


Make Your Lasting Power of Attorney From Only £193.60

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Just three simple steps to obtaining your lasting power of attorney with us: 

  • You complete our online form (explanations are offered with each section to make it as easy as possible).  
  • We check your form, print the legal documents and send them to you via post for your signature and return it to us (via Freepost). 
  • We carry out some final checks and submit your LPA to the Office of the Public Guardian for registration (the £82 filing fee is included in the cost).  


Make Your Lasting Power of Attorney From Only £193.60

Start Your LPA Now


To protect yourself in the event that you should lose the mental capacity to carry out every day tasks, submit your lasting power of attorney enquiry or register with us today to get started.

Alternatively, read our free and helpful related guides for further advice.

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